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Puffco Peak OG Smart Rig

Puffco Peak OG Smart Rig

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The innovative Puffco Peak... The Peak is an electric dab rig that offers the unrivaled quality and functionality you've come to expect from Puffco. Just load your concentrates, turn on the Peak, and wait about 20 seconds to start dabbing.

Puffco Peak dabs are flavorful and long-lasting. It unlocks the full flavor profile of your terpenes.

Whether you're new to dabbing or consider yourself a dabbing enthusiast, you'll love what the Puffco Peak offers, like its large ceramic bowl, sesh mode for dabbing with friends, and fast 2-hour charge time. These features make the Puffco Peak perfect for a solo session or sharing with friends. With the Peak, nothing is stopping you from enjoying multiple hits with consistent perfection.

The Puffco Peak elevates the potency and flavor of your concentrates without wasting any of it. Don't worry about heating issues that come with the traditional rig and torch. Instead, enjoy a better dabbing experience that's efficient and extremely easy.

Passing your Puffco Peak to a friend is as simple as double-tapping the button to reheat it for the next hit. Now you and your friends can share a dab session as easily as sharing a bong session.

What's in the box?
1x Puffco Peak vaporizer
1x Carrying case
1x Pack of cotton swabs
1x Loading tool
1x Micro USB cable
1x Supercharger
1x Glass carb cap
1x Extra ceramic bowl
Puffco Peak's Specs:
Hand-blown glass with a sturdy rubberized base
Ceramic chamber
Pass-Through charging
Average of 30 dabs per charge
20 second average heat up time
Smart temperature calibration
Superior water filtration
LED light band
Haptic feedback
1 year warranty
Hand-blown glass

One of the many ways the Puffco Peak stands out is its hand-blown glass. It operates as the Peak's mouthpiece while offering extra filtration for a cooler and cleaner dabbing experience. At 7 inches tall from top to bottom, the Puffco Peak glass sits on a sturdy silicone base. It's worth noting that every Puffco Peak glass is hand-blown with great accuracy.

Smart Temperature Calibration
With a quick average 20 second heat up time, the Puffco Peak features 4 temperature settings ranging from 450°F to 600°F. When the bowl of your Puffco Peak is hot, it will automatically adjust the heating time to allow for additional dabs. This is known as "sesh mode" and makes a session with friends very easy with the Puffco Peak.

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