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Illuminati Yellow Solestash

Illuminati Yellow Solestash

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We couldn't keep this must-have a secret. V-Syndicate's Illuminati SoleStash jars are the classified solution to keep your herb as fresh as the day you got it. Featuring a built-in grinder plate, a funnel, and a humidity pack, our jar is a tokin' part of any stoner's collection.

  • Durable jar to store cannabis
  • Humidity controlled to keep herb fresh
  • Includes a grinder plate
  • Replaceable humidity packs ensure long-term storage
  • Smell-proof for discreet storage
  • Small: 3.5 in tall, can fit ¼ oz of flower!
  • Medium: 4 in tall, can fit ½ oz of flower!
  • Large: 5 in tall, can fit 1 oz of flower!
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