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12.9'' LOOKAH Aroma Dome Glass Bong - Pink

12.9'' LOOKAH Aroma Dome Glass Bong - Pink

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The Aroma Dome combines artistic form and functionality that offers more than you might think.

A showerhead perc in the lower chamber is just the beginning of the journey to cooling your smoke.  Once the smoke goes through the water perc, it is recycled through one of the two recyclers on each side and brought back in. The smoke is cooled further as it flows through the coil sat in the middle of this water pipe.

And as if that wasn't enough, there is a sizeable dome-like top where the smoke can disperse and cool before being sucked up into an eagerly waiting mouth. All of this combines in a smoke session rivaled by very few other water pipes! The fantastic artistic details of the Aroma Dome are just a bonus at this point but a very welcome one that makes it a hit in any collection.

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