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RAW Vanash Windproof Ashtray

RAW Vanash Windproof Ashtray

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Vanash describes how the unique pattern of the RAW VanASH Ashtray keeps ashes in and gives dozens of places to leave your leftovers. Lay them on top to save for later. Place them vertically to extinguish.

The true magic of the RAW Vanash Ashtray is that any ashes and remnants ‘Vanish’ below the top so no gust of wind is going to blow ashes every which way. To make it all the more effective all you have to do is put a small amount of sand in this classic ashtray to help quickly extinguish your smoke.

Metal ashtray with brass finish
Removable Top
9 extinguisher spots for smokes
4 anti slip rubber nubs on the bottom

This RAW Ashtray measures up at 3.4in x 3.4in and about 2 inches high.

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