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Zig Zag Small Black Rolling Tray

Zig Zag Small Black Rolling Tray

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Enjoy stuffing your herb with Zig Zag Small Black Rolling Tray. This tray measures 10.65" inches by 6.30" inches and features a curved lip that keeps all your herb inside the tray while you roll. These metal rolling trays are the perfect size for rolling, packing, or for anything else you want to do with your herbs. There is nothing like a clean, flat surface dedicated to the art of rolling. These metal trays have perfectly rounded corners so that herb does not get caught it metal creases. The highly polished surface ensures that your bud can be easily moved around the tray. Stay organized and enjoy your smoke break to the fullest with official Zig-Zag rolling trays.

This Is How We Roll

  • Made of Thick Tin
  • Intended for tobacco use
  • Extremely Smooth Glossy Surface
  • High Edges with Rounded Corners
  • Zig-Zag Original Rolling Tray (Measures 10.65" X 6.30")
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