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Zig Zag Small Orange Rolling Tray

Zig Zag Small Orange Rolling Tray

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Match your favorite rolling papers with the Zig Zag Small Metal Rolling Tray. This rolling tray comes in bright orange color and shows a recognizable Zig Zag design with the iconic Le Zouave soldier in the center. The legend says Le Zouave was the pioneer of rolling papers, making this tray a great pick to celebrate the early days of smoking culture. Zig Zag Small Metal Rolling Tray Orange is made with metal and has a smooth surface. It's completed with raised edges to keep your herbs and tools contained and measures 10 inches by 6 inches. Stay organized and enjoy your smoke break to the fullest with official Zig-Zag rolling trays.

• Zig-Zag Original Rolling Tray (Measures 10.65" X 6.30")
• Made of Thick Tin
• Extremely Smooth Glossy Surface
• High Edges with Rounded Corners
• Intended for tobacco use

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